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We aim that our services and expertise be cited as example of quality, planning and timeliness.

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Why Us?

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Contact us at the Surya Finman  office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Why Us

At SFPL we are committed to integrity and reliability.

  • Our dedication and team work adds value and knowledge transfer among members.
  • We strive at providing services in a planned and timely manner giving utmost importance to quality and efficiency.
  • We constantly work on improving our services through skill up gradation, training and development.
  • We believe in maintaining long term relations with our clients.


SFPL office occupies a space of 2000 sqft in North India. The offices are modern and adequately resourced – including telecommunication facilities, LAN, multiple broadband connections, conference rooms, projectors etc. and can be further upgraded to meet the requirements of clients.

Why Our Client Choose Us?


Significant Cost Reductions

Availing our services will help you cut down the cost efficiently by up to 50% without hampering the quality of work.


Focus on Core Business

Co-sourcing helps to build a trustworthy relationship which helps you to focus more on core business and valuable tasks which positively impacts your bottom line.


Manage Skill Shortage and Attrition

Our strategic location in India enables us to onboard the skilled staff as per your business requirement which saves your enormous recruitment cost.


High Quality Service and Quality Control

Our competent team ensures multiple stages of review of the work before it gets delivered to you. You just have to do sanity check before you send it to your client.


Credibility and Competency

Our teams are supervised by qualified Chartered Accountants and our staff undergoes regular trainings and update programmes so that they are up to date with the latest developments in respective fields.


Increase your Productivity aka Profitability

Co-sourcing noncore functions helps to increase productivity which in turn helps to take critical decisions quickly and hence grow your company.


Improved Turn-around times

Outsourcing the tasks to seasoned professionals will lead to reduced paperwork and processing times. Our clients can utilize this time to streamline their business process and focus on growth.


Freed up Capital and Resources

Outsourcing will help you minimize expenditure on recruitments, training and infrastructure. Instead the saved money can instead be re-deployed on core activities and business strategies.

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Committed professionals offering virtually menu driven comprehensive financial solutions.