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Data Security

We are fully committed to protecting our clients’ data. We can safely say that since ever we have started serving our accountancy firms client and other international clients, never ever, a single instance of our clients’ data compromise/leakage has been registered.

Physical Security

  • Biometric entry to the premises is restricted through finger punch in.
  • The office building is secured with manned security guards.
  • 24 x 7 CCTV camera surveillance of the workstation and the facilities.
  • Fire security and alarm system consisting of smoke and heat detectors, sensors, fire-fighting equipment has been installed.
  • The facility is also manned with security staff.
  • Surprise audits are carried out to ensure security policies are followed. Non – Compliance with the same leads to disciplinary action.

Network Security

  • Each employee has a unique username and password to access their workstation.
  • Electronic Devices such as mobile phones, PDA etc are not allowed on the production floor.
  • The USB ports and other media drives are not allowed to be used in the official premises.
  • Continuous monitoring of the web traffic and disciplinary actions are taken for any violations.
  • Access to the local drives of our server is restricted based on the process the employee is assigned to.
  • The appropriate backup mechanism is in place to prevent data loss.
  • Weekly update of the anti-virus pattern on every system.


  • All the selected candidates go through rigorous interview process and are thoroughly screened (backgrounds checks) via our tied up third parties vendor.
  • Since employee base is the only authorized pool of people who have the utmost responsibility to keep your data secure, all our candidates sign a confidentiality agreement with us besides explaining to them verbally the importance of confidentiality and data security.
  • Restricted access to internet websites through robust firewall mechanism and the same is allowed only if it is a process requirement.

Network Infrastructure

We understand that when our clients share the critical financial data with us, it is not just the data but they are also delivering the trust they place in us. Therefore it is our utmost priority to have the highest of the security standards for our operations.

Having invested in the cloud infrastructure with all the security controls does not make us fully satisfied as we must work on the computer/laptops in our office. Thus, adequate measures are in place to secure the information assets; Such as the installation of the antivirus in our systems which takes care of the vulnerabilities of the malicious activities and setting the password and username which keeps changing after a periodic interval of time.

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