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Engagement Models

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Engagement Models

We have two set of defined models for engagement with our valued clients. As per their business requirements, our clients chose one of the below to have a fruitful relationship with us.

Engagement model determines a level of control and responsibility, as well as provides a base for further relationship development.


Hourly Model (Pay as you go)

This model is more suited to the clients who have lesser/ad-hoc volume of work and not sure of the amount of work they shall outsource.

Under this model, our clients are charged on the basis of number of hours consumed by them. However, we do not recommend this model if the accountancy firms want to have dedicated resources.

Having said that, we are committed to delivering high quality whatsoever may be the case.


Full-Time equivalent model (FTFE)

Full time model serves our clients’ business requirements with ease. In this model, an FTE is dedicated to a client which works for the respective client only.

Since the FTE is dedicated to a single portfolio, therefore they can be utilized more efficiently. Also, as per our rules, all the work is reviewed by the client manager before sending it back to our clients. All you have to do is a sanity check before sending it to your client.

Therefore the clients have a virtual extension to their office without the overheads and rental costs. Also, since a dedicated FTE is available to them, it leads to a faster turnaround thus leading to increased efficiency. Thus, this model leads to cost savings which helps the clients to scale their operations by focusing on their core operations and nurture their client relationships.

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